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Light Learning Rocks


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Roylco’s Light Learning Rocks collection features 8 different nature-inspired shapes across 6 colors, produced in a durable, transparent plastic to promote color learning & sensory exploration in a beautiful way. These gems have also been designed to function as tools for mindfulness and concentration building as their smooth curved edges and weight can create a calming effect.

As an added bonus, the set of 48 rocks includes a card deck of 36 pictures and patterns, sequences and stacking challenges that range in difficulty. Standalone or with a light table, these rocks bring magic into the classroom or home.

This product promotes: Color & light learning, STEM logic skills, Fine motor skills, Mindfulness, and Basic sequencing. This set features: 48 light learning rocks (8 different shapes in 6 different colors up to 2 x 2″ (5 x 5 cm)), 18 easy, medium, and difficult combination cards, and a storage box. For ages 4+.

Key Features :

i : SENSORY LEARNING: With the smooth rocks children will be drawn to hold them comfortably in their hand while they learn.
ii : COLOR: The set comes with 6 colors of rocks that make it fun to learn and see how colors can mix optically.
iii : LIGHT: Using a light source or a light table, the rocks are more inviting and their colors pop. You can see the mixing of colors much easier and building pictures with them is more interesting.
iv : MINDFULNESS: Use these rocks to learn balance and instill a sense of mindfulness in young children.
v : SAFE: All Roylco products are in compliance with domestic and international toy safety regulations.
vi : INCLUDES: 48 Light Learning Rocks up to 2 x 2″ (5 x 5 cm), 18 double sided picture learning cards, and storage box.

Weight 1.61 kg
Dimensions 9.50 × 6.25 × 2.50 cm

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Reviews (6)
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