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Artist Palette Puzzle – Wooden Puzzle


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Children can put the puzzle pieces together by using trial and error to fit the unique shapes to the right spaces. They’ll also be able to practice naming their primary colors as well as learning a range of new color names! A brilliant colorful set to support the development of your child’s problem solving, color recognition and fine motor skills. The Artist Palette Puzzle consists of a palette shaped base and paint color shaped pieces. The names of each color are also printed in the corresponding place on the base of the puzzle. 19 pieces in each set. Made with FSC Plywood and MDF. Suitable for children ages 3+. Size of base: 10″L x 7.5″W. Size of smallest piece: 1.4″L x 0.4″H.

Key Features :

i : INCLUDES 19 PIECES — This wooden puzzle features 18 unique, irregularly shaped pieces in different colors. Each piece nests within its corresponding shape on the palette-shaped base.
ii : KID-SAFE AND NON-TOXIC — The brightly colored pieces are coated with non-toxic paint and the base is sealed with a clear matt varnish. The pieces are also smooth and don’t have sharp edges.
iii : DESIGNED FOR SMALL HANDS — The chunky wood is easy for small hands to manipulate and fit into the palette-shaped base. The puzzle is lightweight and simple to store in the home and classroom!
iv : PRACTICE COLOR RECOGNITION — The shapes on the base are labeled with each color’s name. Children will learn common colors and unique colors such as teal, lavender, sage and more.
v : ASSIST EARLY DEVELOPMENT — This wooden puzzle develops problem-solving, concentration and fine motor skills as children match the colored pieces with the corresponding shape in the pallet.
vi : WE ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT SUSTAINABILITY — All Freckled Frog products are FSC certified and made from sustainable sources. We want future generations to experience the benefits of our forests.

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Dimensions 9.45 × 7.48 × 0.98 cm

3+, years


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